AMTT is the engineering trading company.

A-4, 4F SunBuilding, 3-24 Tokiwa-chou, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0014

Processing Materials

Film forming materials (e.g. by sputtering) and processing materials

1.Thin film materials for functional glasses:
 Nb Rotary Target (Monolithic Constructions), etc.
2.Thin film materials for electronic components:
 Cu,Ni alloy, etc.
3.Thin film materials for touch panels/ ITO films:
 ITO (composition available on request), Si, Nb, etc.
4.Thin film materials for solar batteries:
 AZO, ITO Tablet, Cu, etc.
5.Thin film materials for rewiring semi-conductor assemblies:
 Cu, Ti, etc.
6.Thin film materials for semi-conductor mask blanks:
 Mo-Si, etc.
7.Epoxy adhesive for semi-conductor and package:
 Types of adhesive available in; conductive, insulated, under-filling, sealing, probing ink, and for optical  

Handling Materials

1)We do not trade elements or materials that take a form of gas under normal temperature
     and pressure.
2)We do not trade radioactive elements.
3)We do not trade toxic elements, i.e. Cd or As.