AMTT is the engineering trading company.

A-4, 4F SunBuilding, 3-24 Tokiwa-chou, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0014

Engineering Network

AMTT has corporative alliance with third party engineering enterprises and therefore can offer high quality maintenance contract and service support for semi-conductor tools at reasonable cost. Our high standard services are offered at a competitive rate with delivery on-time-delivery management.

Support Alliance

AMTT is an authorized agent of Conation Technologies, LLC., USA
   As an official agent of Conation Technologies, we supply used semi-conductor tools, processing    equipment and servicing maintenance parts.

Major Tool Lineups

KLA-Tencor Tools KLA21xx series (Defect Inspection)
KLA255xx series (Data Analyzing Tool for KLA21xx)
KLA5xxx series (Overlay)
Archer10 series (Overlay)
SFS6xxx series (Particle Inspection)
SP1 series (Particle Inspection)
AS series (Surface Profiler)
FLX series (Stress Measurement)
former Leica Tools MIS200 (Defect Review)
NS2000 (Defect Review)
former Therma-Wave Tools TP4xx、TP5xx (Ion Dose Monitor)

Service and Support

●Periodic maintenance
●Sales of components and consumable parts (lamps, lasers, Printed Circuit Boards)
●Tool Repair (on-site and off-site repair, telephone support)
●Tool relocation
●Tool refurbishment
●Tool installation

Contracted Maintenance Parts and Spare Parts

1.For processing and inspection tools that have been long used, AMTT can supply maintenance    parts, spare parts or equivalent parts. The parts will be prepared with the same coating or    treatment, for example with specific kinds of surface treatment.
2.Please contact us for optics parts and components, including the optical coating on lenses. We can    also reproduce the original coating applied to the lenses.
3.AMTT supply maintenance and spare parts for discontinued foreign tools and equipment.
   For parts that are difficult to manufacture, we can negotiate the reproduction of parts with the    original manufacturing company.