AMTT is the engineering trading company.

A-4, 4F SunBuilding, 3-24 Tokiwa-chou, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0014

Business Domains

1.For semi-conductor, Flat-Panel displays and solar batteries;
   AMTT trades thin-film materials, auxiliary and incidental components. We also import and export the
   materials and/or process them according to your needs. We have successful experiences in designing
   and planning business projects, too.

2.For semi-conductor, Flat-Panel displays and solar batteries;
   We specializes in trading used tools and equipment, and in providing engineering support in
   semi-conductor, Flat-Panel displays and solar batteries industries. Our successful cases of trading over
   the world includes places like Japan, USA, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and China.

3.For overseas based companies aiming to promote to Japanese market, and whose business domain is
   in materials and equipment manufacturing, AMTT can provide marketing, contracted sales and
   consulting services.

4.Finally, we can provide the solution to process integration by providing necessary materials and
   equipment. AMTT can offer technical support, consulting service, and propose possible improvements
   in processing methods. We can advise on material usage and furthermore, contribute to the
   development of new equipment and tools.  


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